Grilled Lamb Chops (Oven Grilled)

Marination Preparation:

  1. Lamb or Goat Chops – 1 and ¼ Pounds
  2. Red Kashmiri Chilli Powder – ½ Tbsp
  3. Ground Paprika – ½ Tbsp
  4. Dried Parsley – 2 Tbsp
  5. Siracha Sauce – 2 Tbsp
  6. Coriander – 1 Tbsp
  7. Cumin – ½ Tbsp
  8. Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 Tbsp
  9. Lime Juice – 1 Lime Big
  10. Tabasco – 4 Drops
  11. Salt – 2 Tbsp
  12. Oil – 4 Tbsp


Add all powders into bowl with Lime Juice & Tabasco and mix well as paste. No need to add water. Add Lamb chops ensure paste is applied evenly thorough the meat. Keep meat in Fridge for 2hrs – 4hrs for marination.



  1. Preheat oven to 375 degree
  2. Apply oil in Cast Iron griddle or Baking tray and place marinated lamb chops and apply oil again on the top of the meat. I prefer Cast Iron instead of baking tray – because the heat is maintained after cooking.
  3. Bake the Lamb Chops for 20minutes
  4. Turn the meat to other side.
  5. Bake for another 15minutes
  6. Typically Lamb Chops will be done in 35minutes total, but always check before starting broiling. Cook time, depends upon the size. Thickness of Chops I used is half inch.


  1. Apply left over marination paste one top of the meat and apply oil.
  2. Broil one side for 3-4minutes and take it out for applying paste on other side.

    Note: Broiling time depends on the thickness of meat. Sometime will be done in 2mins, keep checking via Glass door to ensure it doesn’t burn.

  3. There will be paste on the grill/pan which is roasted well & cooked, feel free take and apply them in meat along with broil paste. Do this step only if the paste on the cooking grill is not burned.
  4. Turn all meat to other side, apply left over marination and spray oil
  5. Broil another side for 3-4minutes.

Stock Market Basics for Beginners (Like me)


  1. Before start trading with real trading account – start with “Paper Trading”. Even many broker’s applications allows paper trading.
  2. Learn what is “Fundamentals Analysis” and “Technical Analysis” of stock market.
  3. You can use sites like or to monitor/watch stocks. Certain “Paid” sites also provides updates by Mobile SMS/Text (Alert when stock is above certain price)
  4. Metastock:
    1. Use Metastock (or similar) to monitor stock, patters
    2. You can
  5. Two types of trading
    1. Intraday Trading
    2. EOD Trading (I like this)
  6. Investment Areas
    1. Stocks
    2. Stock IPOs
    3. Stock Options
    4. Mutual Funds / ULIPs
    5. Currency a.k.a Forex
    6. Gold
    7. Bonds
    8. Fixed Deposits

    I typically use Stocks, Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposits


  7. Trading Pattern / Method I use
    1. I use fundamentals to invest – such as Yearly Results, Quarterly Results, Price Book Ratio, EPS etc
    2. I follow Stock Advice & Research Report and verify it’s fundamentals and invest.
    3. Still not successful in trading using Techinicals such as Candle pattern, MACD patterns, etc.

Lessons Learned:

  1. As beginner, don’t jump into trading right away. Gain experience only by Paper Trading, at least for 1year.
  2. Once you know you are ready (after paper trading), invest small and improve your experience with real money – your target is 15% (which is better than Fixed Deposits)

Top 10 Tax Deductions in US

#1 Home

  • Mortgage Interest
  • Mortgage Insurance Premium
  • Property Tax Paid (a.k.a Real Estate Tax)
  • Points Paid & Closing Cost during Home Purchase
  • Purchase of Energy Efficient Appliances (Energy Tax Credit)
  • Installation of Energy Efficient Windows (Energy Tax Credit)
  • Business Use of Home

#2 Children

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Day Care Expenses (if both parent are working)
  • Contribution to Education Savings Plan
  • Student Loan Interest

#3 Auto

  • Car Registration Fees (VLF)
  • Tax Credit on Purchase of Alternate Fuel Vehicle / Car (Example: If you purchase electric car such as Chevy Spark)
  • Business use of Personal Vehicle (Example Pizza Delivery using personal vehicle)

#4 Retirement Account / Stocks

  • Contribution to Traditional IRA or Roth IRA account
  • Savings Bond
  • Selling Stock holding of after 1year will save up to 15-20% depending on your AGI. Refer Short Term Capital Gain Vs Long Term Capital Gain

#5 Medical Related Expenses

  • Contribution to Health Saving Account
  • Contribution to Health Insurance (Typically adjusted in Pay Statement)
  • Medical Expense can be deducted, if the Medical Expense during year is more than 10% of AGI

#6 Taxes Paid

  • State and Federal Tax Paid during Filing Tax
  • Foreign Tax Paid

#7 Misc

  • Donation to Chartiable Trust
  • Food / Cloth Donation to Charitable Trust
  • Theft

For now only Top #7 J


Upgrading HP Laptop with Samsung SSD

Laptop Configuration Details:

Model: HP Envy 17t-j100

Processor: i7 4700MQ 2.7Ghz


NVidia GeForce: 2GB

SSD Used: Samsung EVO 740, 256GB SSD



  • This procedure may void your warranty and might make your laptop stop working.

Step1: Create Recovery Disc

  • As first step you need to create recovery disc and this is not an optional step. You must do this before removing old HDD from your Laptop
  • Each laptop manufacturer has its own methods to this step. For HP Laptop you can follow the steps given in this link
  • Once you complete the procedures you will have 5 DVDs which is recovery disc.

Step2: Backup existing data in HDD

  • Just to be safe, copy your existing file & data in your existing HDD to another external Hard disk or Pen drive

Step3: Open Laptop, remove HDD & connect SSD

  • You need a screw driver & SSD for this step. See the video below

    Video Part-1

    Video Part-2


Step4: Restore OS with Recovery Disk

  • Power ON Laptop and see if Laptop detects SSD in BIOS.
  • Insert Recovery disc-1 and boot laptop from CD/DVD Drive
  • Windows installer will ask all five disc during “copying files” step
  • Installation will start after copying files
  • Installation may restart 3-4 times and your laptop is ready to use

If you have question, please post it in the comments below

Things to do in SanFranscisco


1. Golden Gate view @ Battery Spencer

Battery spencer is the best place to view the golden gate. Many time I went to the golden gate bridge and viewed it only from Vista point at one end of the bridge, but this is the best spot to view the golden gate be it sun rise or sun set.

Notes: Time needed-2hours Approx. You have to walk little bit. Finding parking might be tough on weekends



Map picture


2. Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of fine Arts is a nice park with spectacular view of the Palace. If you want to spend nice time with your loved one this is the best place. Many Bollywood movies shots were taken here (Movie: Varanam Ayiram). This is also a wedding / engagement spot.

Notes: Time Needed- Depends on activity. Just taking photos – 1hrs. You could bring lunch and spend like 2-3hrs easily.

Palace of Fine Arts


Map picture


3. Cruise at Pier39

There are different kinds of cruise you can take at Pier 39

1. Golden gate cruise

2. Alcatraz cruise

3. Golden gate night cruise with Wine & Dine.

I personally liked Golden gate cruise & night cruise. Alcatraz was bit boring for me, again it’s my personal liking.


4. Pier 39

Pier 39 is nice place for three things… 1. shopping, 2. Dining 3. Booking Cruise and 4. Road side Guitar & different Performance.

You will find many Shops here to buy Clothes, Sovereigns, Gifts, Candy/Chocolates and even wines. There are few road site shops as well, where you might be able negotiate prices.

There are many restaurants to taste variety of food from Crab & Other seafood, SFO best clam chowder, different soups. This is the best place to taste the local restaurant of SFO. If you some extra bucks you could enter high end restaurants like Forbes Island, where you will get specular view of the sea.


5. Lombard Street

Lombard street is well known since it’s the crooked street in the world. It’s just a 2min drive from the top to bottom, but the queue for driving thru this street is typically 45mins to 1hr on weekend. Nothing exciting here, except the way the street was built.


6. Exploratorium

Exploratorium is a science exhibition with over 200+ exhibits in display. It’s the best place to play with science. It fun for all ages, kids will love it. This place is a one day activity if you want to explore most of the exhibits.

exploratorium-main-entrance  Exploratorium2



7. Japanese Tea Garden

It’s a garden / park in Japanese style – if you like to spend some time in nice park in SFO this is good place.

Japanese_tea_garden Japanese_Garden_SF3


8. California Academy of Science

California Academy of science is a museum / science exhibition / planetarium / aquarium. This is also a one day activity if you want to explore it completely. Good destination if you have kids.