2021 – Indian Veggie Garden Calendar (SanJose, CA)

We created this garden calendar is for our home garden & community garden in San Jose, CA.

This is our 5th year gardening in San Jose. Gardening is trial and error for beginners (like me) – especially when you are trying to plan Indian and non-local veggies. We need to understand local season, weather and ensure its right time to plant seeds indoor, transplant and harvest.

We came up with summary based on trial & error, so errors are still possible. With community help we can further optimize this calendar and make it very accurate. Please use this garden calendar with San Jose weather & season in mind. The garden calendar will vary for other states & city, as it depends on the local weather and season.

This year spring will start by 20th Mar 2021- so we need to prepare so that all plants are ready to plan outdoor.

I have started the plan and will keep this blog updated every month as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to post it in comments.

Hope this garden calendar helps! Happy Gardening!






2021 Harvest Photo Gallery










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