Aloe Vera Oil Preparation

Aloe vera oil is known for aiding skin conditions, hair growth, wound healing etc. In our home we mainly as moisturizer and for hair growth.

Items Needed

  1. Aloe vera (Gel)– 1 Cup
  2. Virgin Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed– 1 Cup
  3. Karunjeeragam / Kalungi – 1 Tbsp (For Hair Oil only)
  4. Vendayam – 1 Tbsp (For Hair Oil only)

Steps: Aloe Vera Oil

  1. From Aloe vera – remove the white part
  2. In a blender grind the white part and make Aloe Vera juice – 1cup
  3. In a pan pour the coconut oil and start heating it in gas stove.
  4. In about 10mins coconut oil will be heated enough.
  5. Pour the Aloe vera gel from blender, very slowly into pan.
  6. While pouring oil will start splatter, but should be manageable.
  7. For about 15mins, splattering will continue until all the moisture evaporates
  8. Towards end splattering will stop & also the Aloe Vera remains will start turning into brown – this is the time to stop cooking (refer video)
  9. Keep the pan aside for cool down, about 1-2hours – then store in bottles
  10. Now Aloe vera oil is ready. Surprisingly it might smell like ghee!

Steps: Aloe Vera Hair Oil

  1. Add 1Tbsp Karunjeeragam & Vendayam into blender and grind it to powder.
  2. Once Aloe vera oil is cooled down, keep it in steel container (with lid)
  3. In a cooking pan add water and bring water to boiling stage
  4. Keep the steel container (with lid) into boil water. The coconut oil will get the heat from boiling water and start melting
  5. After 5mins we can stop


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