Upgrading HP Laptop with Samsung SSD

Laptop Configuration Details:

Model: HP Envy 17t-j100

Processor: i7 4700MQ 2.7Ghz


NVidia GeForce: 2GB

SSD Used: Samsung EVO 740, 256GB SSD



  • This procedure may void your warranty and might make your laptop stop working.

Step1: Create Recovery Disc

  • As first step you need to create recovery disc and this is not an optional step. You must do this before removing old HDD from your Laptop
  • Each laptop manufacturer has its own methods to this step. For HP Laptop you can follow the steps given in this link http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c03481733&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en
  • Once you complete the procedures you will have 5 DVDs which is recovery disc.

Step2: Backup existing data in HDD

  • Just to be safe, copy your existing file & data in your existing HDD to another external Hard disk or Pen drive

Step3: Open Laptop, remove HDD & connect SSD

  • You need a screw driver & SSD for this step. See the video below

    Video Part-1

    Video Part-2


Step4: Restore OS with Recovery Disk

  • Power ON Laptop and see if Laptop detects SSD in BIOS.
  • Insert Recovery disc-1 and boot laptop from CD/DVD Drive
  • Windows installer will ask all five disc during “copying files” step
  • Installation will start after copying files
  • Installation may restart 3-4 times and your laptop is ready to use

If you have question, please post it in the comments below

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